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My father was a gift giver. He was also a creator.  The thoughtful little tokens of love that he left for me (whether it was the pack of grape Hubba Bubba that he bought for me on our trip out to get diesel for the farm tractor or the wood stilts he built for my 6th birthday) made such an impact on my life. 


For me it has always been the small things.  The kind gestures or the little surprise to brighten your day that made a world of difference.  I have aspired to live my life to spread kindness and create time for people.

While I grew up to be a scientist just like my dad, I never gave up creating…or gifting.  It is a dream to be able to showcase my designs, support my community, and spend precious time with my loved ones.

I am excited to spread a little sunshine with my jewelry.

Julie Ter Borg


We all know who the real star of this operation is ... CHARLIE!!! 

My best bud Charlie rescued me from House of Hope Animal Rescue.  He is originally from Texas but that is about all we know about his history. 

We are strong believers in rescue/pet adoption so please visit your local Humane Society or Shelter to find your next  best friend!

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